Cooking School Training Programs

The objective of the FP course of the Chef Fran López  Escuela Villa Retiro is to train excellent professionals in a Michelin Star environment.

With the “learn by doing” method and a constant academic follow-up you will acquire the culture and culinary techniques necessary to succeed as well as an experience of personal and creative development oriented towards professional success.

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    The ECVR Kitchen Cooking Course is designed to individually accompany each student and their needs, in a natural and family environment, with the maximum academic and professional requirements.

    What does the course give you?

    Global and strategic vision in restoration.

    ✓ Ability to work in a team.


    Values and objectives

     Cooking professional with a title.

    ✓ Development of cooking skills.

    Access relevant positions in the kitchen.

    Professional development


    ✓  Head of departure.


    Chef Fran López

    In front of the kitchen team of the Villa Retiro Restaurant, Xerta Restaurant and the Villa Retiro School is the chef Fran López, fourth generation of restaurateurs. In the kitchen, together with her team, Fran develops a cuisine based on the product and the market, with touches of innovation without losing the essence of traditional cuisine that has allowed her to treasure various international awards and recognitions.

    Modality from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Classes in the ECVR and cooking practices of Estrella Michelin.

    Beginning of the FP course in Cocina in October 2021.

    Formación Profesional
    Service Type
    Formación Profesional
    Provider Name
    Escuela Villa Retiro,
    c/ Molins 2,Xerta,Tarragona-43592,
    Telephone No.+34 977 473810
    Realiza un curso de Formación Profesional en cocina de la mano del Chef Fran López en la Escuela de Cocina Villa Retiro.