Culinary School Villa Retiro

Culinary School Villa Retiro is dedicated to providing its students with cooking courses and chef training an education that combines the rigorous academic study and the emotion of the discovery, with the support and stimulation both intellectual and emotional of the team of professionals that make up the cooking school in Xerta ( Terres de l’Ebre).

It seeks to develop in each member of the educational community the capacity and the passion to work with prudence, creativity and effectiveness in favor of the gastronomy and the restoration.

Culinary School Villa Retiro runed by chef Fran López has as vision to be a reference of global prestige in the culinary training.

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Academic planning is designed to help each student identify and highlight their natural strengths and focus on areas of improvement throughout their career, as well as discovering those natural weaknesses and supplying them with self-awareness, Development of intuition and creativity.

✓ Professional: It is about developing skills to give the best version in your profession.

✓ Personal/Social: it’s about developing their skills and abilities to control and adjust their behavior as needed.

✓ Academic: it is about developing the student’s ability to continually strengthen his/her cognitive abilities throughout his/her career.

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Master in gastronomy and leadership in cooking.

Professional training course in Cookery.


Specialization course in Cooking.


Management & Business Plan course.

Chef Fran López

Leading our kitchen team, Fran López, is the fourth generation of hoteliers and restaurateurs. In the kitchen, along with his team, Fran creates a cuisine based on the product and by the market, with innovative touches without losing the essence of the traditional cuisine that allowed him treasuring several international awards.

Estrella Michelin

Since 2009 we collect prizes, awards and recommendations regarding our Restaurant Villa Retiro. With the great leadership of our chef Fran López we’ve been awarded as the only one restaurant in Terres de l’Ebre with a Michelin Star and a Repsol Sol. Since 2016 has a Michelin Star in Xerta Restaurant in Barcelona.



The mission of the Culinary School Villa Retiro is to advance into culinary knowledge and transmit it to their students and prepare them with the cognitive tools needed to be a leader.



The school is dedicated to providing students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery, with the intellectual and emotional support of the lecturers.



It seeks to develop in each member of the school community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively in favor of traditional, modern and international cuisine.