Our school's mission is to advance culinary knowledge to transmit to our students and prepare them with the tools necessary to influence the world of restoration of the 21st century.

Culinary School Villa Retiro is dedicated to providing its students with cooking courses and chef training an education that combines the rigorous academic study and the emotion of the discovery, with the support and stimulation both intellectual and emotional of the team of professionals that make up the cooking school in Xerta ( Terres de l’Ebre).

It seeks to develop in each member of the educational community the capacity and the passion to work with prudence, creativity and effectiveness in favor of the gastronomy and the restoration.

Culinary School Villa Retiro runed by chef Fran López has as vision to be a reference of global prestige in the culinary training.

Academic planning is designed to help each student identify and highlight their natural strengths and focus on areas of improvement throughout their career, as well as discovering those natural weaknesses and supplying them with self-awareness, Development of intuition and creativity.

✓ Professional: It is about developing skills to give the best version in your profession.

✓ Personal/Social: it’s about developing their skills and abilities to control and adjust their behavior as needed.

✓ Academic: it is about developing the student’s ability to continually strengthen his/her cognitive abilities throughout his/her career.

Formative offer in Cooking courses and chef training

Professional training course in Cookery.

Know the culinary techniques from physicochemical taking into account their evolution and provenance. Know products from their origin, properties and applications. Enjoy an experience with the ingredients necessary for success.

Master in gastronomy and leadership in cooking.

Adquiere competencias necesarias para gestionar un restaurante de una manera rentable y sostenible. Crea un plan de empresa desde la base o aplica los conocimientos adquiridos en tu propio negocio y da un salto cualitativo en tu carrera profesional.

Monographic in cookery with chef Mariano Gonzalvo.

Perfect your skills as a cook. Improve your product knowledge, properties and behavior in the kitchen. Master any kind of technique and discover your creative possibilities and innovation.

Masterclass: waste reduction and creativity.

Master’s day focused on professionals from the world of gastronomy with the aim of enhancing the continuous improvement consisting of immersing in the kitchen management to achieve a better performance and quality.

Specialization course in Cooking.

Management & Business Plan course.






If you have experience as a cook but have not received training, if you have studied but still have to learn, if you want to boost your business, these two courses are designed to perfect those aspects that will determine your professional future.


The teaching staff includes professionals who have participated in Michelin Star restaurants, and a group of experts from different sectors such as nutrition, health and safety, producers, agronomists, winery, finance, business, etc. headed by chef Fran López, sommelier Javier Campo and director of the school, Pedro M. Sanchez.